American Bobtail Cats are wild in appearance with their shaggy coats and distinctive bushy bobtails. They are medium to large in size. They have an athletic body and broad head. There are long and short hair varieties of the American Bobtail Cat and their coats can come in any colour. Even the shorthaired variety of American Bobtails have a fairly shaggy coat, so any Bobtail will need frequent grooming to keep their coat in a good condition.


They are friendly, inquisitive cats; they make great cats for children. American Bobtail Cats are generally very outgoing and due to their sociable nature they might be better housed with another cat for companionship; they can even be housed with other pets such as dogs. They are happy to be handled and loved to be played with in a similar manner to dogs.

Exercise needs:

American Bobtail Cats are very active, with their muscular body type they can jump and climb with relative ease, as a result they need lots of room to exercise freely, an outdoor space is ideal.


These cats can be fed any normal cat food; some owners like to mimic their natural diet of raw meat though this is not essential. Due to their active personalities your cat may have quite a large appetite. They must have a supply of fresh water.

Housing and bedding needs:

Your cat will need a cat bed as a sleeping area, they also need lots of space for exercise and play, as well as toys and objects to keep them entertained. Make sure your house is cat proof as they are notorious escape artists. They also need a litter tray that is cleaned out regularly.


These cats suffer from common health issues in most cats such as fleas & ticks, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus and cat scratch fever.

Life Expectancy:

15 years +


Arizona, USA