The American Bobtail kittens are a somewhat rare breed and appeared on the scene only in the 1960s. The name ‘bobtail’ was given due to the presence of its bob shaped tail which was the result of a gene being mutated. This cat has a tail which measures only four inches unlike the longer tails of the ‘ordinary’ cat. Breeding between an ordinary domestic cat and the bobcat is believed to have produced this variant.

In the cat activity scale, American bobcats rate pretty highly and this means they have an intriguing personality which is fun to watch. Their score on this scale is 7 or 8. This high score means that they almost match dogs in being able to play with their owners and do not get upset on being handled more roughly than a typical cat. They even escape from cages which are hard to get away from, in a Harry Houdini level of expertise! By nature they are gentle creatures and not grumpy, hence they are good match for most modern families interested in adopting a kitten. Being friendly, these cats do not fight with other pets (which can be a problem in animals like dogs).

One unique fact about these cats is that they make good travel mates and are can be found traveling with long distance truck drivers who find this cat to be a good companion over the lonely trips they make. Being a gentle, lovable cat, it is no surprise that they have been found to bring about peace and calm among their owners. American bobcats will be loyal and loving to any animal or human who is in contact with it, provided no harm is done to them. You should consider getting these wonderful cats as your first pets due to their docile nature and calming influence.