A is for annual check-ups. Himalayan cat care must include an annual visit to the veterinarian. This can be for a routine check-up, annual vaccinations, and a time to discuss any concerns or issues you may have. If your Himalayan is still a kitten, make sure that you discuss spaying or neutering (if you are going to be having this done) at your initial appointment to ensure that all the shots are up to date before the surgery is scheduled and when the vet recommends the surgery takes place. This is not to say that you should be waiting for your annual appointment if you do have any health concerns regarding your cat, in that case make the call and talk to your vet about when you should bring in your cat.

B is for brushing, and a lot of it. For your Himalayan cat care regimen to be complete, your cat will have to be groomed on a daily basis. This includes a good brushing to keep this long-haired breed’s fur from tangling. You should also schedule a bath at least once per week, if you start bathing your cat when it is a kitten it should get used to this ritual in time (but may never like it).

C is for culinary needs. A brief Himalayan cat care tutorial would not be complete without mentioning dietary requirements. You should not be feeding your cat scraps from the table, people food is meant for people – instead invests in a premium brand dry food (as recommended by your breeder). In addition, pay attention to the different stages that are available for the brand of food you choose and progress as your kitten grows into an adult cat.